Keeping promises.


Patient Commercial


Creative Director, Producer


When your cervical discs deteriorate, the space between the vertebrae narrows, compressing and pinching nearby nerves. The Prestige LP is a surgically-placed artificial cervical disc that can relieve pain and discomfort caused by the compression. This is often an elective surgery, so our client requested us to create a patient awareness commercial to let patients know that this is an option for their pain.


Most patients who elect this surgery have pain onset during midlife. We created a script in the voice of a father, who chooses surgery so that he can fully enjoy the time he has with his wife and children. We highlighted weekend activities, simple moments that seem ordinary but could be excruciating with debilitating neck pain. We also used 3D animation to illustrate the placement and fluidity of movement of the Prestige LP.


This video is featured on Medtronic Spinal’s YouTube page and used in patient awareness outreach.