A customer’s journey, from idea to packaging solution.


Case Study Video


Creative Director, Producer


The Bosch Pack 101 is an entry-level horizontal flow wrapping machine. Bosch came to us to create a case study video to show how a small startup can build success with the help of this packaging equipment, and then ultimately grow with Bosch to use larger-scale solutions in the future.


My team worked closely with Bosch and Wilde Snacks to identify their story. After interviews with Wilde’s founders and their Bosch sales rep, we filmed in several locations to portray Wilde’s story. This video is now being used on Bosch’s website to get other small businesses interested in the Pack 101.


The video has been featured on the Pack 101 website for several years and has been a great selling tool to get small businesses interested in the product. YouTube hits have exceeded 7,000.