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Establishing a luxury market leader.


Product Launch Marketing Campaign


Creative Director


Neurosurgical navigation allows surgeons to accurately plan procedures with 3D modeling and precisely track instrumentation during brain or spine procedures.

Medtronic’s StealthStation has been the leader in neurosurgical navigation for over 20 years. In its 8th edition, we were approached to help refresh the StealthStation brand. With emerging competitive threats that offer a less robust sleeker-looking solution, the client wanted to position StealthStation S8 as the superior, luxury approach to neurosurgical navigation.


My team created a new tagline for this launch: “You are Stealth.” This messaging put the neurosurgeon as the hero and helped give an edge to both the system and the surgeon. Visually, we used darker tones and dramatic lighting to emphasize the luxury feel. After establishing messaging, we conducted a custom photo and video shoot to create a launch video and photo library. From there, we created several assets including sell sheets, sales launch kits, digital banners, trade show displays, and even an internal appreciation video.


The StealthStation S8 launched in April 2017 with a significant splash at the AANS Conference at LALive in Los Angeles. Sales of the system exceeded expectations and continues to be one of the strongest products within the RTG portfolio.


Medtronic Marketing Excellence Award