More than a tool – a foundation for a multidisciplinary lung health program.


Ongoing promotional collateral


Art Director / Creative Director


The superDimension was a newly acquired product in our client’s portfolio, holding the potential to completely transform lung health. Utilizing electromagnatic navigation bronchoscopy, the superDimension can reach the far peripheries of the lung to biopsy and treat lesions with a wide array of tools and accessories. We were tasked with creating an awareness and reinvigorating campaign for the v7 version of this system that addressed the many user accessibility issues that prevented surgeons from widely using past versions.


Our team kicked off the campaign with a key opinion leader (KOL) video. Lucky to have a very dynamic and highly influential KOL, we filmed him performing a procedure with the superDimension and explaining its role in the future of lung health. We then created new messaging and marketing collateral. Over the years we’ve continued working with superDimension as it changed its marketing focus from product marketing to helping hospitals create full multidisciplinary lung health programs.


Our KOL video remains the highest ranked marketing tool within superDimension. Over the past 6 years we have seen superDimension’s business grow steadily and several multidisciplinary lung health programs have been developed across the country.