It’s personal.


New market segment campaign research with messaging and visual identity


Creative Director


Traditionally, our client’s respiratory and monitoring equipment marketing was focused on hospitals and hospital staff. However, they realized they were missing key market segments in this approach: nursing facilities and home care. Termed “Alternate Sites,” our mission was to help our client research the needs of these market segments and create a campaign that directly spoke to those audiences.


Through intensive research, we identified the needs of our audiences and discovered there was an additional audience that played a key role: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Suppliers.

Now with three distinct audiences with very differing needs, we needed to create the campaign. Our solution: an umbrella campaign with compassionate, authentic messaging and visuals that spoke to everyone on a very human level. We then developed key messaging guides that broke down messaging for each audience.

The most critical component for this campaign was authentic (not stock) photography. We were inspired by a Chicago Tribune photo essay that followed “medically fragile” children. These real, raw photos pulled you into their lives, invoking empathy and compassion. We recruited 4 real patients and, using documentary style photography, followed them for a day in their lives. These photos became the voice of the campaign.

We then created four sales pitch decks for each market segment utilizing our messaging and photography.


Sales are growing for these market segments. The campaign’s photography has been widely regarded in the company and utilized for other campaigns within the Respiratory and Monitoring business.