Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be hard.


eLearning Portal


Creative Director / Instructional Designer


Retirement planning is daunting. For so many, it’s a place in life that feels unobtainable. Insecurities about money often push off our thinking about retirement until it becomes too late, creating not only personal problems, but also societal dilemmas. Our client was working to stop these stigmas and make retirement planning fun and doable for their clients’ employees. However, their current educational plan was limited to individual workshops where their representative would teach a course to a group of employees. They wanted to expand the distribution of this content to be accessible to any of their clients’ employees, 24/7.


Our team worked closely with the retirement planning instructor to create an online, interactive e-learning program accessible through a white label online platform that could be customized to their clients’ corporate branding. Using a conversational tone, we helped to break down content and navigate users through the tasks that could lead them to begin to seriously engage in retirement planning. By helping them realize that retirement is actually accessible with a small amount of planning, we empower users to take control of their financial futures.


This project is currently in planning and production.