On the human journey to achieve the perfection of nature.


Conference Product Reveal


Creative Director


Medtronic purchased the Mazor X robotic guided spine surgical system. This system was to be introduced at the 2018 NASS conference at LALive in Los Angeles. We were asked to create a video and trade show materials to inspire spine surgeons to explore this new breakthrough system as an accurate tool to assist them, while allaying suspicions of being replaced by robotic automation.


We began by looking at the bigger picture of our human impulses – why we fear robots and why we create them.

We are all wary of robotic automation. When a robot is introduced into the workflow of our occupations, it is a very human impulse to suspect being replaced. But for all the mathematical accuracy of a robot, what it can’t replace is the human element – the motivation, complexity of reason, and art of what we do.

Throughout mankind, there has also been an innate desire to emulate nature’s perfection. For surgeons this is a daily pursuit, as they work to understand and restore the intricate systems of the body that have been carefully crafted over millions of years of evolution. When seen in this perspective, a robot is not a threat, but a valuable, human-made tool to achieve this goal, while bringing surgeons closer to perfection than ever before.

We created messaging to appeal to the perfectionist and curious spirit of the surgeon, presenting the robot in the context of human wonder as a step in our progress in understanding the beauty and mystery of the body.


These materials were prominently featured at the 2018 NASS Conference to a very positive response. Within a year, the first robotic guided spine surgery was completed within the United States.